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Macro-Economic Analysis 
Using Fundamental Data to Evaluate Currency Markets
Learn to multiply your money with trading!
Macro-Economic Analysis 
Using Fundamental Data to Evaluate Currency Markets
Learn to multiply your money with trading!
80% of Millennials don't know how to Invest.
We want the practice of investing to be as rational as having a job. The Wealthy have acquired the knowledge & mindset of investing & capital growth.  We have leveled the playing field.
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The Facts
90% of Traders FAIL.
When starting a business, would you rather have a DICTIONARY or BUSINESS PLAN?
Learning to trade online is like reading a dictionary & trying to become profitable. Everything may be there, but its in no order & often extremely contradicting or flat out WRONG!
 You need a systematic & step by step approach on creating a profitable trading business & Top Traders is where you can start FREE!
90% of traders dont have a trading plan
90% of traders dont have a profitable mentor/team
90% of traders are not properly educated
Technical Analysis is USELESS.
Markets are not candlesticks, 
they're PEOPLE!
Understanding whom you're trading against and why they are buying and selling is 100x more useful than a soley a price chart. Knowing this gives you an immense edge in the markets. Our free course will break this down clearly so you never get caught again.
You are not JUST a TRADER.
Knowing how to trade well is not going to make you PROFITABLE!
Your trading strategy is just one of the Four Quentessential Aspects of Trading. To become consistantly profitable, you must know all four. The free course will highlight each so you have everything you need to make money. 
We Work with Amazing Companies.
and Amazing People
Rob Loud,
Hedgefund Manager
"Kleveland is one of the hardest working millenials I know. He truely cares about his members & them becoming financially literate. I'd recommend him first to anyone wanting to learn about trading forex or capital markets overall. "
Brenton Young,
Top Trader
"MotivFX is setting the standard in the foreign exchange educational industry. Kleveland and Top Traders are capable of making newcomers or traders with experience into artisans of a rare well respected craft of trading global macroeconomic markets. With time and effort foreign exchange can go from being a foreign language to second nature!"
Kyler Ryberg,
Top Trader
"Iv been working with Kleveland for almost 3 years & I've gotten to understand fully how markets function & how you can build a system around it to become profitable. I found that technical analysis wasn't & is not enough to succeed and I'm happy I was made aware!"
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