"Everyday Your not trading with Top Traders, is a day Youre losing money!"
Top Trader  provides higher-quality education & support for a fraction of the cost.
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Complete your personal gameplan & growth model.
Implement trading strategy & gameplan into your daily routine.
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Highly accurate day & swing trading signals sent straight to your cell!
Nightly webinars & weekly fundamental overview
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Frequently Asked Questions 
Why is Top Trader Pro more affordable than other trading programs?
We want investment knowledge to be accessible to everyone no matter your financial situation. Our mission is to turn the average joe to a Top trader Pro. Therefore, providing Top Trader Pro at this price enables us to educate more people and that's ultimately what we are all about!
What is the quality of education in the Program?
This program doesnt only focus on " teaching you how to trade". Ie, Understanding buying and selling in the foreign exchange market, Knowing the principles of price action & Fibonacci trading & establishing a solid trader psychology & knowing the psychological implications of managing money.

Our program is built around you understanding how to build a profitable trading business. From helping you understand how much to risk per trade, to establishing account growth goals for the next 30, 60, and 90 days, which are monitored by a senior trader. We want you to "learn how to trade" but unlike most education programs, we also want to make sure you're making money doing it. 
Am I able to receive additional 1-on-1 mentorship?
Yes! Most definitely, we actually highly recommend you working hands-on with one of our senior traders. Once you have enrolled in Top Trader Pro, you will be guided to your trader dashboard that will include a "Mentorship" option. Click that button and all of our mentorship options will be there for you to choose the one that works best for you. 
How do I access all of the support features? 
Watch the video provided under step "2" and it will explain where to find all support features & other tools you will need to successfully launch your trading business.
How many hours of education is in the course?
There are over 12+ hours of educational lessons, but this is not including the weekly webinars that you will gain access to every week. 
What day and time are the webinars held?
The weekly live webinars are every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday at approximately 8:00pm EST. However, if you are not able to attend these live webinars they will be recorded and you will have access them through your trader dashboard. 
If I stop paying for the monthly subscription, will I still have access to the video course?
Yes, no worries you will still have access to the video course, Only the monthly support options will be locked. 
Still have questions? 
Contact a senior trader at Talk with Traders below!
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