Join more than 2,000+ Traders who are now Profitabily trading through Top Traders.
A course designed for you know every element of what it takes to successfully win in the forex market.
The Four Quintessential Aspects of Trading 
The course is taught via a four part series.
Forex Foundation
Helping you conceptualize the foundational elements of the currency market & how to spot trading opportunities.
(4 hours)
Trading Methodology 
Build a trading methodology allowing you to have a consistent strategy to profit off market activities.
(6 hours)
Capital Management
Learn a money management technique that allows scaling & consistency in account growth. 
(5 hours)
Trader Psychology
Develop the proper psychology needed in managing funds & remove the retail ideas of money & losses. 
(5 hours)
This program is dedicated to furthering your knowledge on how to value global currencies, & apply risk capital in those instances to over time, increase your portfolio. 
What You Get 
Weekly Webinars
Focusing on the trading week & our open trading positions.
Develop an in-depth trading plan & track your trades with our journaling system.
Trade Alerts
Trade with us with 1 month free of live trade alerts sent to your cell straight from our head traders.
Consistent monthly to weekly account review with a personal senior trader.
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